Foster Care Training Process

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Many families desperately want to expand their family by adding new members. Traditional means of having children may have failed or not be an option. Bringing children into the world with fertility treatments is costly and can take a deep emotional toll when it does not work. Fostering children who have already made their entrance into the world is a tangible option for community members. Families who are unsure about adopting may desire to foster a child first. Safely starting a new family with a child is complicated and sometimes difficult. There are state agencies available to assist in each step of the process. Here are a few tips for starting the foster care training process.

Locating a reputable agency in your state of residence is the first step to fostering one or more children. Filling out an application will give basic information needed for starting the foster care training process. Even if the questions seem a bit intrusive, always answer the questions truthfully. Expect the agency to follow up and verify the information that is presented to them as being factual on the application. Always ask the agency questions when anything needs further clarification. Some agencies require an in-person interview prior to submitting the application. Turning in documents related to the application when requested helps to prevent processing delays. 

It can take up to four months for the foster care training process to be completed. During this time, the detailed background check of the application will be processed. Expect the agency to speak with trusted people mentioned on the application. This includes verifying employment, personal references, and criminal background. Expect the agency to try their best to get to know more about you. They will use this information to best match foster families with available children. The details that determine the outcome of the application are available upon request. 

The foster care training process does take time and can be frustrating. Reach out to the agency handling the foster application with questions and concerns. After being granted permission to foster one or multiple children, there will be ongoing expectations from the agency. The foster training process extends to an annual training that is mandatory. Attending this training will help ensure that the state allows the fostering relationship to continue. Take time to obtain more information and apply for the foster care training process when adding additional children into the family.